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- reading 3 books simultaneously. It's famine or feast over here in the reading department. How's treating you? Book report assignments will be handed out later this week! Have I mentioned how I think that, while TPB is rather epic and well-written, it might not be on the same level as, say, ?

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“” is a hotbed of highly transmittable ideas that will get you comfortable using a variety of traditional and contemporary media to push gifted students into deeper literary responses that go beyond bland book report assignments.

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Book Report Assignment — HCC Learning Web Writing book report assignments can be a daunting experience for many students. Those who have trouble writing either didn’t comprehend the book to where they can write intelligently about it or make the mistake of writing instead of writing book report papers.

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When writing book report projects one must give facts about the book and discuss the mechanics of the story from the setting and characters to the plot and conflicts. A book review is merely an opinion and while the two will share information and details, writing book report assignments requires a more in depth and unbiased study of the book.

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Your 1st book report assignment consists of an oral presentation in which you devise and deliver a speech that ultimately persuades the class to either read or not read the book you have chosen. You have the freedom to develop and organize your presentation how ever you choose provided that you address the material required on the book report rubric. You must also include a 14 X 22 inch posterboard that clearly illustrates your positive or negative position, displays the book’s author, title, theme, and important quote, and three symbols that represent your reasons why we should or should not read the book. This is an excellent opportunity to engage your audience and develop your own sense of voice, creativity, and persuasion.Let's face it - the time necessary to put together can become extraordinarily excessive. The actual reading of the book takes up several hours of your precious time - not to mention the fact that the majority of scholastic book report assignments are on books you would have absolutely no intention of reading on your own time! Truthfully, most students consider them to be outdated and boring. Then, even after spending countless hours painfully reading every last page, you still don't have your book report! The actual writing of the report takes up even more time and is often an exercise in frustration. When considering the time lost completing such an assignment, you'd have to wonder if it is really worth it. Fortunately, we are here to save you both the time and frustration involved in writing book reports.