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With so many cheap iPhone cases on the list, it may be hard choosing a favorite, but all that might change once you see the ! For $24.98, this case features a co-molded design with a clear polycarbonate black and durable rubber pumper that absorbs bumps and jolts.

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This inexpensive wallet case from is only $20, making it a great cheap iPhone case, and comes in a variety of cool colors so you can easily protect your iPhone 6 in style. It’s made with 100% classic smooth vintage style PU leather and has a few built-in card pockets so that you can conveniently stash some cash and your ID and credit cards in. It even features imbedded leather casing for additional grip and protection against drops.

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Cheap iPad Cases Archives - iPad Accessories Expensive, ultra-protective iPhone cases tend to be thick and bulky, and consumers often choose cheap iPhone cases because of their slim profiles. The new iPhones are thinner than ever, and many users want a protective case to preserve this quality. Slimmer cases also allow a phone to fit more easily in a pocket or purse. The reviews we read suggest that the most popular cases provide maximum protection with minimum bulk. Review comments describe the girth of the cases we researched in general terms; we also compared the dimensions listed by manufacturers. While an OtterBox case can measure more than an inch thick, our top picks measure no more than half an inch. This is another knock against the Incase Snap Case: With a depth of 0.75 inches, it would more than double the thickness of the iPhone 5S (0.3 inches).

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Cheap iPhone cases often have cutouts for the phone's buttons (power, volume, etc.) and may not cover the top and bottom edges at all. This provides easy access to ports and buttons but sacrifices protection. We looked for cases that provide the fullest possible coverage around the edges of the phone without inhibiting normal use of the buttons and ports.

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There's no denying it: An iPhone is a big expense. Even with a low upfront price under contract, the current models cost many hundreds of dollars to replace. Users naturally want to protect their phones; Apple has that 78 percent of iPhone owners buy cases. After spending so much on the phone and plan, many consumers don't want to drop another $100 on a case, but the cheapest iPhone cases don't provide sufficient protection. Look to spend between $10 and $20 for a case that will keep an iPhone safe through the daily grind. Cases made of flimsy plastic can crack or chip easily and don't provide much cushion. Countless cheap iPhone cases fit this profile; the Incase Snap Case is but one example.The (starting at $9) and the (starting at $10) are some of the cheapest iPhone cases we found, but they get low marks for construction and fit and reportedly fail to protect phones from damage.This nifty and cheap case has it own kickstand and comes in various colors. For only $15, you get adequate protection from drops and scratches. Thecase also has triple layer protection and advanced shock absorption that will keep your phone safe in case anything bad happens to it. As one of the best iPhone cases on our list for its price, you can’t go wrong with this one!