How to Check Your Essay for Plagiarism for Free Online

Turnitin is an intelligent assessment aid which utilises a multi-pass method to check your essay for plagiarism (either from a source text, or from another student). It is extremely accurate, and has been verified for this kind of usage. It will indicate to your assessor a percentage score for plagiarism, and highlight any regions of the text which are identified as being plagiarised. Students who research their essays, synthesise the information, and write in their own critical voice have nothing to worry about, and should applaud the use of Turnitin since it will quickly find out any of their colleagues who are passing off work that is in part, or in full, not their own. If you are unsure about plagiarism or academic writing in general, please refer to the excellent information available in the Q-Manual on both topics (amongst other things). NB: a special lecture will be given addressing academic writing style to further re-iterate and clarify these points.

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If you wrote the article yourself and you are looking to check your essay for plagiarism in an effort to make sure that the work complies with your academic integrity policy there are a few different ways. The first is to review with a teacher or TA. You can do this yourself initially but it is always better to have two eyes instead of one. You can take your particular formatting requirements and read over the content you have to make sure that you are using the formatting correctly. Start by skimming the citations you already have and double checking that they are done correctly. There are many websites that can do this automatically but it is still good to double check manually.

check your essay for plagiarism online

The Right Way To Check Your Essay For Plagiarism You may easily check your essay for plagiarism online at no cost. If you seek by means of any Internet search engine, you’ll come across dozens of free services offering their help in detecting plagiarism. As a rule, they are very similar and have many common features. All you should do is pick the detector with the needed options and user-friendly interface. Pay attention to the following peculiarities and choose the most appropriate service to check your essay:

To check your essay for plagiarism, try putting the title into Google

If you use some sources and do not cite them properly, the essay will have plagiarized parts. You can ask us to check your essay for plagiarism and fix the detected similarities. The essay check will be a salvation for you, because you will avoid the serious troubles caused by plagiarism.

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