picture those fortune cookie papers

A Moo card is a little networking card, kinda like a business card, only narrow. it’s like the same width, only about 1/3 the height. picture those fortune cookie papers. Like that.

Alphabetized collection of fortune cookie papers with Chinese vocabularies

5. You are a failed secret agent, writing your identity over and over
on fortune-cookie papers, filling your pockets, passing them on
with each handshake, pulling them out of ears—

Is anyone else bothered by that collection of fortune cookie papers

Make quick and easy ornaments using our St. Nicholas cookie papers.  are available in our shop. Art Journal Page - Day 22: fortune cookie papers for the first collage later. #icad #icad2015 #indexcardaday #daisyyellow #collage #collageart #mixedmedia #mixedmediaart #acrylicpaint #fwacrylicartistink #art #foundword #nofilter by packerdi

The tea tags could be like snarky fortune cookie papers

-Options for student teacher feedback: Smart Cookie papers to fill out for written feedback, and differentiated personal checklists appropriate for 1-3 grade

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A sink with a bunch of crap on it. There's cups full of hotel pens, old postcards, a bowl full of old fortune cookie papers, and I don't know what else. I see some corn holders in there. That yellow bucket on the end has candy from two Easters ago. Milk and Cookies Pink Printables includes banners, water bottle labels, place cards& cupcake toppers, Now in this cute pink version perfect for girls, or even Valentine's Day. This collection includes birthday themed pieces, but this party is still very versatile. Everything you need to create a whimsical party or baby shower. Perfect for your toddlers first or second birthday too!

**matches my milk and cookies clipart set found and my milk and cookie papers found