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On the second day of the symposium one of the attendants introduced himself to me as a friend of a mutual acquaintance from over thirty years ago. He has been teaching in the biology department of a public college for 21 years. He explained enthusiastically how he teaches a course about evolution, accepting evolution as true, but believing that evolution is the method God has used to create. In other words he believes in theistic evolution. He indicated that holding this view makes him acceptable to the college administration and enables him to share the Christian faith with college professors and students who would not give him an ear if he believed in special creation. He said that in his classroom he offers theistic evolution to his students as the way to be scientific while retaining one's faith. At the lunch table I explained what I believe to be the right position for a Christian to hold concerning science, creation and evolution. Our Creation Essays have developed this pretty thoroughly, but we have not dealt with the idea of theistic evolution.

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Essay topics similar to Creationism Essay are extremely interesting. The essay outline in these research paper topics revolves around an old belief in the school of creation and its latest theories that many have suggested. Our writers are experts in essay writing on such professional subjects, as we appoint specific writers for specific essays. Creationism essay, as everyone knows, is nowhere near to a personal essay. So, one cannot write it according to his/her whims and fancies. The purpose of this pro-creationism essay is to document several potentially unevolveable organisms of staggering complexity and design. As much as evolutionists will try, their (often pathetic) attempts to deny the undeniable, that life exhibits all the hallmarks of intelligent design, inevitably falter when faced with the evidence. As the rest of this document demonstrates, intelligent creation is necessary to explain the mind-boggling complexity of many organisms.