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Obviously, if you are looking to hire English papers writers, then you will want the professional that is helping you to have an excellent grasp of the language. In fact, using a writer that isn’t a native English speaker can only damage your chances of getting a fantastic grade, as well as potentially highlighting the fact that you have not done the work yourself. This can be as a result of mistranslations or other errors connected with the work being written by someone that doesn’t have English as their first language. To avoid any of these errors and to ensure that your work is impeccable, we only hire native English speaking writers.

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The Greek community in South Australia published a short-lived newspaper, Okeanis, as early as 1914. Unfortunately no early issues of Okeanis exist prior to its move to Sydney. Betweeen 1935 and 1936 a second Greek newspaper, Pharos, was published. Other short-lived titles appeared in the late 1960s, the oldest and longest running of these being Tachydromos, established in September 1968. Post-War migration saw the emergence of a variety of non-English newspapers, including the Polish Nasza Droga published between 1952 and 1981, and the Italian Roma between 1957 and 1959. In 1979 the Arab orient appeared, initially being printed in Arabic, but changing after the first issue to English, with the stated intention of attracting non-Arab readers.

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