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Machen had already lived in London more than a decade, as he plied a trade as a freelance writer, translating Casanova and writing an essay on tobacco, before an inheritance allowed him to write what he fancied. Aubrey Beardsley and, later, Austin Osman Spare illustrated his works. But Wilde's 1895 imprisonment turned the moral tide against Machen's tales of supernatural horror. It wasn't until the 1920s that his books began selling in large quantities. Alas, Machen had sold the rights decades before. TS Eliot was among those who secured him a Civil List pension against the poverty of his later years.

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TRALL, Russell Thacher, physician, born in Vernon, Tolland County, Connecticut, 5 August, 1812; died in Florence, New Jersey, 23 September, 1877. He was brought by his parents to western New York when he was a child, and for several years worked on a farm. He afterward studied medicine, began practice, and settled in New York city in 1840, where he became a hydropathist. In 1843 he founded an establishment in that city for the water-cure treatment, and opened, in connection with it in 1853, a medical school for both sexes, which was chartered in 1857 under the title of the New York hygeio-therapeutic college. It was afterward removed to Florence, New Jersey He edited the "New York Organ," a weekly temperance journal, and the "Hydropathic Review," a quarterly magazine, from 1845 to 1848, was also the editor of other medical journals, and the author of "Hydropathic Encyclopedia" (New York, 1852); "New Hydropathic Cook-Book" (1854) ; "Prize Essay on Tobacco" (1854); "Uterine Diseases and Displacements" (1855); "Home Treatment for Sexual Abuses" ; "The Alcoholic Controversy" (1856) ; " The Complete Gymnasium" (1857) ; "Illustrated Family Gymnasium" (1857); " Diseases of the Throat and Lungs "(1861) ; "Diphtheria" (1862) ; "Pathology of the Reproductive Organs" (1862);" The True Temperance Platform, or an Exposition of the Fallacy of Alcoholic Medication" (1864-'6); "Hand-Book of Hygienic Practice" (1865) ; "Sexual Physiology" (1866 ; London, 1867) ; "Water-Cure for the Million" (1867); " Digestion and Dyspepsia" (1874) ; "The Human Voice" (1874) ; and "Popular Physiology" (1875).

Title: An essay on tobacco, comprising a brief history of

Doran, beginning an essay on Tobacco Project: Durham, introduces Xu as an artist working Essay on Tobacco Companies and Cigarette Packaging
Should tobacco companies be required to include graphic images of health problems on cigarette packaging?
Explain how this issue relates to and why is it significant to the legal and/or ethical environment of business?
Graphic warning labels on cigarette packs are important in that they discourage smokers from smoking too much, avoid smoking at home and in front of pregnant women and children. Warning labels also help them understand risks associated with the habit of smoking and those who will feel the effect might quit smoking. The tobacco industries in most countries are however opposed to this idea claiming that there is no legality in it. For instance, the EU Court of justice had ruled against Japan Tobacco International and British American Tobacco. These two companies had argued that the directive requiring them impose large health warnings on cigarettes was a violation of the right to property and trade mark protection. But whenever legal challenges have been made by some of these industries courts have ruled against them. This is because the tobacco health consequences are many and has become an urgent global health problem that needs legal intervention (Arthur, 2006).

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