tion that 'Euthanasia should be made legal in New Zealand'

Hi, my name is Chris. I'm 15 years old and am currently within the next month preparing to perform a Persuasive speech on why I believe Human Euthanasia should be made legal, or at least allowed under the correct circumstances. I do believe in god and I consider myself to be a Christian. I became interested in the topic of Human Euthanasia after watching the movie "You Don't Know Jack", I highly recommend it even if you're not ProJack. The reason I agree with and support Human Euthanasia is because I just cannot wrap my mind around a terminally ill patient, slowly withering away and dying. I agree with your point that 'regular' people should not be allowed to perform this type of procedure. I do however disagree with your point that Dr. Jack Kevorkian murdered those people. In a legal sense there is a difference between murder, and Assistance in a suicide. Kevorkian also never contacted his patients with the intent of "Excuse me sir I couldn't help but notice you have a cold, would you like me to end your suffering"? The people Kevorkian performed these euthanasia's on all contacted him first if I do remember correctly.

Do you think euthanasia should be made legal? What is your reaction to the Diane Pretty ruling?

Euthanasia should be made legal for any illness which we would not put our pets though. If we're considered bad people for keeping our pets alive and suffering though an illness like lymphoma then why the hell would you make you human loved ones suffer though it? If someone doesn't want to suffer for years while they slowly die in pain devastating their family and loved ones then they should have every right to die when and how they choose.

Euthanasia should be made legal in India

Professor Rod MacLeod does not believe voluntary euthanasia should be made legal. We agree that in some extent euthanasia should be made legal in Malaysia. Firstly, no one should interrupt the choice of that person. This will constitute to the violation of human rights. If government allows us to choose our own job, religion, political party and family, then why should they impose restriction on person who wishes to have euthanasia? According to RC Cooper V Union of India, it held that what is true for one fundamental right is also true for another fundamental right. This means that person could not be disrupted for their positive and negative effect of their right (Tursar & Arnab, 2010, p22). For example, freedom of expression includes the freedom not to speak (Tursar & Arnab, 2010, p 22). Applying the theory here, if a person is given a freedom to live, they also have the freedom to death. If doctors are given freedom to create new life, why they can’t be given the freedom to end patient life on their request? For example, if our society allow us to create life artificially in laboratory (cloning sheep, Dolly in laboratory by using advanced genetic engineering and medical technique), then I think that doctor in Malaysia should be granted right to end patient life on behalf of their request. For example, doctors in Netherland are now legalized to end patient life in their behalf. If the doctor refused or not legalized to practice euthanasia on patient, I think this is a kind of torture to the patients. By legalizing doctor to undergo euthanasia for hopelessly ill patients in Malaysia, they will not facing any civil or criminal charges from court. For example, the ‘death doctor’, Dr Kevorkian that faced criminal charges for undergo euthanasia for the hopelessly ill patients. From the views discuss above, euthanasia should be legalized in Malaysia. Besides that, legalized euthanasia in Malaysia will ease pain of hopelessly ill patients that will eventually die of unbearable pain (Richard Fenigsen, 2011, pp 240). For example, a physically disabled or hopelessly ill (final stage of cancer) patients may well relieve the pain they suffer if they have the option of euthanasia. Besides that, this may also relieve the suffer face by the patients relative or family whether in physical or mental stage if they have to take care the hopelessly ill patients for the rest of their life. By this, we could say that the hopelessly ill patients can die with dignity. If Malaysia legalized euthanasia, the patient families will not bear any criminal charges by the court if the patients choose the option of euthanasia. For

Do you think euthanasia should be made legal everywhere

In India, euthanasia is illegal and punishable under Section 300 Exception 5 of the Penal Code as culpable homicide not amounting to murder. However, there is a growing awareness amongst jurists and social scientists that euthanasia should be made legal in case of terminally ill. If enacted, such a law must provide sufficient safeguards, appropriate supervision and control to avoid misuse of the provision. Moreover, Section 306 of the Penal Code makes abetment of suicide punishable and Section 309 of The Penal Code makes attempt to commit suicide itself punishable.

We asked simply if some form of euthanasia should be made legal