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If your main objective is to investigate the topic and present the results of your investigation on the topic, it may be useful to look through some free sample research papers on arahnophobia, which can among other to help you understand that according to questioning, 50% American females and 10% American males are afraid of spiders. Spiders are more scary than fire arms, cars or airplanes. 2. There is one more trick in the book you should be wary of. When you get half way through a so called free sample research paper you can see a very diplomatic message that reads as follows. ‘We don’t charge you for this paper; you can download it free of cost. Help us build up our cache of free papers by contributing one of your own.’ In short, you need to contribute a paper in order to be able to download a ‘free’ one. Why would you want to contribute a paper when you are looking for one, yourself? It does not make sense at all, does it?