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Students taking Kilachand Honors College writing courses, and students seeking help with papers for CAS courses are welcome to use the center on a walk-in basis. Reservations are not accepted for non-WR CAS courses except for the equivalent courses listed above. Please come at the start of an appointment time to check if a tutor is available.

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A good idea would be to get a guidebook from the nearby library and find relevant essays in it. You may even buy a guidebook that provides notes and help with papers that you are looking for. This would help improve your skills and knowledge

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- Help with writing papers. 13. Thank the professor when he or she does you a favor. You might not realize it, but professors aren't obligated to do a lot of the things they do for students, like making special appointments to help with papers, answering E-mails on evenings and weekends, giving extensions and makeup exams, and providing help with picking other courses in the department. Professors remember the students who thank them, in person or at least by E-mail, for any special considerations that the professor might have offered. And that will come in very handy when you need another favor or two.

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Whether you are looking for help with papers, problem sets, exam preparation or time management, the University offers a wide range of support to help you succeed in your academic work. All you need is to know where — and when — to seek assistance. Students who take advantage of Princeton's collaborative resources tend to enjoy their academic work and achieve greater success.

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