In writing a research paper, take careful note of its parts

Parts of a term paper! Ha, it is so easy! An introduction, a body, and a conclusion”. While you are basically right, we suppose every student should know more about the parts of a term paper. You have to understand what information each part of a term paper includes and what each part is designed for.

So, an introduction, a body, and a conclusion are the main parts of a term paper. Still, you have missed several smaller parts of a term paper. Thus, let us talk about them and give more details about each of the main parts of a term paper.


starts with an introductory paragraph. It is the first part of a term paper, which presents your topic and involves readers into reading your paper up to the end.

The introductory part of a term paper is split into several smaller parts:

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You have researched your topic, collected all materials, and developed your own position on the issue. Now, it is high time to start writing the term paper itself.

Actually, the most complicated research stage of your work is finished. What you should do now is simply organize everything into a logical and captivating piece of writing. If you are not sure how to do this, let us remind you about the four parts of a term paper.

The main parts of a term paper allow presenting all information gathered in a way, which is the most suitable for covering the topic properly. What follows next are four major steps you need to take to write your term paper.

Parts of a term paper: step 1

The first step and the first part of a term paper is called Introduction. It plays an important role for your project and has several functions:

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It is the most concerning among all parts of term paper, because it is the first impression of your term paper on your reader so, it should be the best and flawless. An introduction identifies and declares your term paper topic and explains its importance. So, it should be adequately informative, understandable, concise and interesting, hence it enhances the reader’s curiosity for further reading.Term paper as a semester work can be assigned to you in many shapes. The most popular ones are research papers or essays. As you can guess, parts of your term paper in this case will differ. The idea, however, stays the same – whatever the parts of a term paper are, the text should reflect your knowledge of the topic.

Parts of a Term Paper: The Essay

In an essay part of your term paper boil down to three basics: