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When you complete the research essay, you should have a solidly researched, tightly argued, and well written paper that can be used as a writing sample for graduate school or prospective employers. And of course you can simply hang it on the wall and admire its beauty.

Your research essay should highlight strong and weak points of the topic selected

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A successful Research Essay will advance a strong, lucid, and coherent argument in response to a compelling literary question. It will: To start researching local issues, head straight to local newspapers and online sources. They won’t provide all the details you’ll need to write an in-depth research essay, but they’re a good place to begin your research.

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The research essay is one of the most popular writing assignments in colleges and universities. There are several indispensable elements that should be taken into account before you start writing the research essay.

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First, keep in mind that you will never have enough time at your disposal to write an essay which presents a complete history of your subject. Instead, you should concentrate on (1) presenting the basic facts of your topic and (2) presenting your reader with an interpretation of those facts. In general, the purpose behind the research essay is quite simple: your instructor wants to see if you can use your knowledge of a specific subject in order to develop a thesis or central argument. With this in mind, you ought to introduce your topic clearly and make sure that any assumptions, judgments, interpretations are right up front. In other words, you have to tell your reader what your subject is, why it might be important enough for you to research, and what the topic might mean in the larger, historical, scheme of things. It goes without saying that your research essay must have an Introduction, Body and Conclusion. Your Introduction is most important since it is there that you will attempt to establish the importance and necessity of writing the research essay in the first place. Although I have already spoken about this in a previous section, it makes sense that you literally "attack" your reader in the first paragraph. The first sentence ought to specify the entire focus of the essay. In this respect, the first sentence is sometimes the most important one to get just right.