Which types of academic essays are there

6 Flash exercises to help students learn how to write different types of academic essays. Includes argumentative, cause and effect, compare and contrast, descriptions of statistics and a bibliography exercise. Thesis statements, topic sentences, supporting sentences and examples are used.
Students can also learn how to write letters

The three main types of academic essays are Descriptive, Expository and Argumentative

covers all aspects of essay writing, from how to plan and research your essay, to the different types of academic essays (research essays, case studies, reviews, critiques) and what guidelines you should work under. It is written in a completely accessible style which allows students to easily comprehend what each type of academic essay requires of them, and how they should go about creating them to the best of their ability. It explores both basic and complex aspects of essay writing, and allows students from any faculty to understand and utilise its principles.

The book is especially useful in exploring and understanding your own writing process. shows students what is lacking in their individual writing processes and helps them learn how to improve their approach, which is useful in both academic and creative writing. Morley-Warner suggests students first lay down all their ideas as a framework of an essay, not worrying about academic writing styles or eloquence of wording, and simply getting all of their ideas into the first draft. She says to leave all technicalities and finesse for later drafts, where the essay can be refined and polished. is filled with ideas that will help students fine-tune their writing process, and avoid many mistakes.

There are many types of academic essays

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Reading and writing for elementary students
Phonics and spelling
All levels of English, including AP and Honors
All types of academic essays
Planning and organizing writing
Grammar and punctuation
Creative writing
College entrance and scholarship essays
SAT Reading and Writing tests
PSAT Reading and Writing tests
ISEE upper, middle, and lower levels
HSPT exam
SSAT exam
ESL for adults and children
Writing and editing help for college and graduate students

There occur many different types of academic essays

This course focuses on the development of various types of academic essays with emphasis on organizational structure, grammar, and mechanics. Students will practice all aspects of the writing process: generating ideas, drafting, revising, and editing.

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