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Two required courses (totaling 6 credits) - these are designed specifically for Legal Institutions students. The provide an overview of American law and skills in legal analysis, reading cases, and writing a legal research paper.

Legislative material can be useful when writing a legal research paper.

know the appropriate format and write the paper with a sound understanding of the topic, students need to conduct legal research. This is the key element to writing the legal research paper. Legal research involves locating information related to a certain legal cases which will support the decision made. As research is the main objective of writing a legal research paper, students need to know how to conduct research thoroughly. Electronic data bases such as LexisNexis and Westlaw provide students with the information they need to conduct sound investigations. However, it is necessary that students understand that law is an ever changing subject. There are new laws applied or old ones re-evaluated often. Therefore, students are advised to ensure that the information they acquire is up to date.

causes problems in legal writing for many reasons.

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