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Consider whether or not the discipline in which you are writing encourages the use of online sources. For example, when writing an English paper you probably would not use an online source, while a Philosophy or Psychology paper may be more conducive to their use.

When possible, use several sources so that you can check the reliability of one against the other. Don’t accept uncritically everything you see in print or online.

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English papers take on a variety of forms. They range from personal essays, to poetry, to critical analyses, to guides like this one. This particular writing guide will concentrate on English papers that are literature-based. It is important to keep in mind, though, that some of the keys to writing a good literary analysis also apply to writing a good poem or personal essay. Since there is no single, specific formula for writing an English paper, it is really your responsibility as a writer to decide how to employ these general strategies. But this is enough introduction; let's begin.

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So using writing as evidence requires some critical thinking (just like writing an English paper) 1.) It was hard to choose a favorite, but between How To Write a Thesis Statement from Indiana University and Getting an A on an English paper, I’d have to choose the link of Getting an A on an English Paper. This link breaks down all the components of writing an English paper. This page was very interactive and gave many examples.

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If you need to write a history paper, you can try to think of something in history that is still debated or relevant today. If you’re writing an English paper, think about the bigger theme of the book, story, or poem, and how it can be related to modern day. Anything that can be discussed both as a product of its time and as still being relevant in today’s world would make a great essay topic.

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For all of you, especially those engineering majors I was talking to earlier, the ability to write an English paper is a vital skill and will get you very far in life. "Why is that?" you may be asking your computer. Allow me to clue you in to the one important thing you need to understand about writing an English paper:A 16 year old American girl in an impoverished Haitian neighborhood is interviewing sick people attending a clinic run by U.S. volunteers. How did she get there? Instead of texting with friends, learning the latest dance steps or writing an English paper, Claudia found herself in a totally unfamiliar environment. An invitation from her uncle turned into an experience of a lifetime.