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To write a movie review, take notes during the movie, decide on a writing style and begin with the positive points in the movie. Write a movie review with tips from a produced playwright in this free video on writing.

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Journalism students need to know there is more to writing movie reviews than watching a movie and saying if it is good or bad. This lesson gives students a plan for writing reviews, while showing them an example ofa libel issue.

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Students will explore writing movie reviews as part of a larger unit of study on review writing While your opinion may not be worth more than some other writer’s opinion, there is a difference between an entertaining movie review and a junk movie review. Junk movie reviews tend to rehash plot details. The writers of junk movie reviews also tend to convey vanilla opinions and basically fall into line with the rest of the world. Oh, is so beautiful. Oh, George Clooney is so talented. Oh, shut up. This, in and of itself, provides an excellent idea for writing entertaining movie reviews: try to have a strong opinion and not write what everyone else is writing.

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If there’s anything that the Internet proves beyond a shadow of a doubt it’s that any goofball can write a movie review. There are tons of movie review sites with tons of goofballs all under the mistaken impression that their opinion is worth more than some other goofball’s opinion.

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In case there are any faithful readers out there who have noticed,I have stopped writing movie reviews as of fall 2004. I may occasionallywrite a review, and I might get back into it full time one ofthese days, but at the moment I can't keep up with it for a numberof reasons, the most prominent being that I've gotten sick ofit. But there are still about 700 reviews on this site for thosewho wish to check out an older video, and for the time being thatwill just have to be my contribution to the industry. Thanks forunderstanding! --John M., early 2005Writing movie reviews is not for everyone. If you know exactly what you want to say in your movie review but don’t know how to say it, we can write it according to your specifications. Here are some questions you might have about our movie review writing service:It’s not easy finding a trustworthy movie review writing service. Whether you need a movie review for a newspaper article or a school assignment, we can write your movie review for you at any academic level you choose.If you are not getting paid as a film critic to write a movie review, why review a film you are ambivalent towards? Its a waste of your time and your lack of passion will come through in your writing. Spare yourself and your audience.